What Your Website Needs More Than Anything Else…

It is amazing the number of business leaders and owners who responded to a recent survey I performed.  When I asked what outside consultants they hired over the past two years, the number one response was website design.

To widen the response a little, it was website design as well as social media marketing.

But what is it about website design and social media marketing that convinces a prospect to buy?

Is it the graphic design and the visuals that persuade?  I would argue it does not.  A case in point would mean that if that was the case, web design would be about being so outrageously unique and different that your prospect immediately pulls out their credit card while noting, “I couldn’t refrain from buying from you.  Your graphic design was so superior to your competitors.”

A friend who owns a local web design company notes his web designers LOVE to design in white space.  But I must admit I have never had a prospect ever tell me, “I purchased from your store because you had more white on your walls (or any other color) than your competitors.”

Maybe it’s a company’s funnel.  Obviously, the more strategic your marketing campaign with multiple pathways to a sale, the better.  Still, I have never heard anyone ever say. “I couldn’t resist buying from you as the way you incorporated InfusionSoft into your website, I had to see all the paths your up-sells, cross-sells and back-end sales you had incorporated in your website.”

Maybe it’s all my pages.  Maybe if my website had 50 pages on it in comparison to my competitors’ 10 or 25 page website, the more sales I would close.  No, I must admit I never heard of a prospect telling the sales person “Your website was so overly complex with so many alternatives, the only way out of your website was to buy something before I left your site.”

But if it is not the graphic design and visuals, the amount of white space on my website, the multiple sales funnels and the dozens of website pages that convinces a prospect to buy, there’s only one thing left.

Your copy.  The words you use and how you express your insight.  In fact, there’s a method to copy that is over 100 years old and which copywriters used for decades to sale.  It is AIDA.  Attention – Interest – Desire and Action.

Or, in modern terms, Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

You must Interrupt your prospect with the concern they already have swimming around in their mind.  But if your interruption is not relevant to what’s going on in your prospects life, your copy will quickly be ignored.  So your Interruption has to be immediately followed by Engaging your prospect with a solution to their concern.

Thirdly, you must Educate your prospect by giving them an understanding of why your solution is superior.  And lastly, you must have an offer.  If your offer is “Buy Now”, “Call Now”, “Free Consultation”, and other offers such as this, you are only going after 3% of your possible market, as only about 3% of any market is ready to buy NOW.  The other 97% is in research mode and needs additional information prior to deciding to purchase.

Isn’t it AMAZING how much of the copy you read or hear or see, whether on the Internet or some other form of media, fails to perform past the Interrupt stage?

Isn’t it AMAZING how much of the copy you read or hear is the same words and phrases as their competitor.  Yet, how often does the business owner hear “I had to buy from you rather than brand X because of the way your accent said ‘service’ or ‘quality’?”

Isn’t it amazing how many business owners allow their web designers and agencies use the same poor copy and then accept the dismal results they receive – believing their current marketing is about as best as possible?

Should you want to understand more about Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer, download my report at www.TedLeithart.com/3-big-mistakes