We find additional income sources, ways to distribute your product or service, overlooked profit centers and more profitable ways for your company to make money using your current business model.man-searching-copy


Let’s face it.  There are very few businesses which have all the money and cash flow they want.  In addition, there are very few businesses which have leveraged, utilized or developed all of the opportunities they could.

Thirdly, there are very few businesses which understand how to handle all of their difficulties in running the business, which results in financial difficulties.

Also, most business owners do not know how to put multiple facets of their business together to make it churn out leverageadditional revenue

And lastly, most business owners work hard enough.  They do not want to work any harder – in fact, they want to work much, much smarter and LEVERAGE every facet of the business to a greater degree.

The bottom line:  Everything in business is either solving a problem someone has or helping them build an opportunity they have wanted to complete (but never seem to get it completed).  Our business is to make these opportunities tangible for you – and then implementing the plan of action, thereby building additional revenue streams.

Another way to say this is: The Leithart Group helps businesses to leverage underutilized, overlooked, undervalued, or underperforming facets of your business.
WHY do we do this?  Our Mission Statement is: To develop individuals and businesses to their highest level and calling, all to the glory of God.

We take the blinders off of your business, showing you a multitude of ways to add cash-flow and a much larger net profit to your business.  These new income streams are typically much more lucrative to your business than what you are currently providing, as there is little to no overhead attached to these new sources of income.


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We offer a strategic session to find overlooked opportunities along with ways to turn these into cash flow within days to several weeks.

At the conclusion of our strategic session, we ask one question – “Would you like our help implementing these additional revenue sources so they become reality?”

No hard sell.  No hurt feelings.  Just offering assistance to you.


If you are saying, “I’M INTERESTED” – What’s the next step?

Call 513-833-7966 or email Ted@TedLeithart.com to schedule our initial conversation or CLICK HERE to schedule the conversation yourself.

P.S.  You may ask – How long will it take to get this additional cash flow coming in?  Literally, a few days to a few weeks.