Guaranteed Results

I recently completed a Strategy Session for a local business and found the following.

BTW, the additional profits I find during one of these 45 minute strategy sessions is guaranteed to be realized over the next 12 months.  Now, you may be wondering what profits I would find in YOUR business within 45 minutes.  Just go to my calendar link and schedule a time for a strategy session.

You can see that we uncovered at least 310% of extra profit in your business which means an additional profit of $54,285. That’s a 5-year impact of $271,425 because you should see that profit over the long term because we’re going to cement them in with good policies and processes and procedures.

Your business value increase is $162,855 which, as a reminder, is a ballpark number, but it’s indicative of the impact on value.

Which means a total impact of $217,140 in just the first year.

We’ve just spent 45 minutes together and only scratched the surface on a few areas. Imagine what we could do if we dug deep to find you the breakthroughs but we were much more systematic across 25 areas. Then imagine if we gave you the step by step plan to move forward.

Here’s your ROI:

Current Revenue $350,000 Gross Profit Margin 47%
Net Profit Margin 5% Increase in Profits in $ $54,285
Net Profit in Current Business $17,500 Increase in Profits as % 310%
Expected Increase in Revenue $115,500 5-Year Profit Impact in $ $271,425

When you bring us in to work with you, the investment you make is only a small fraction of the $217,140 of total 1 year impact.

I believe that in any business situation, one party is asked to take on more risk than the other party. That means, I want to take away your risk. If you implement to the level that we mutually agree upon, I can guarantee you that your ROI from our coaching services will always be at least 100%. That way, I’II essentially become a free resource to you in your business.

The question is – Would you like my help to achieve these numbers?