About Ted

Prior to founding the Leithart Group, LLC, Ted Leithart owned or ran businesses, beginning at the age of 12.  Before the age of 16, he had 4 profitable businesses. At age sixteen, he started buying and selling automobiles on an interstate basis. While studying Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University, he began to market automobiles and automobile parts internationally.

During the same time, Ted became extremely interested in health and natural medicine as a result of going through physical therapy after a sporting accident.  He began to study periodicals such as The Townsend Letter for Doctors, Price-Pottenger Nutritional Newsletter and others.  He also became a student of Vince Gironda, the natural bodybuilding expert in California.

After graduating, although Ted could be found working on various cars and restoration projects, he spent most of his time studying wellness and nutrition.  In 1983, he considered returning to school for medicine, but a M.D. did not interest him as he increasingly found drugs and surgery to in conflict with a healthy lifestyle.

A dozen years after graduating, Ted found himself starting over (after having lost his job, all his material possessions, and immediate family all within 6 months).  He considered attending Bastyr University to achieve a Naturopathic Physician degree, but realized he could not practice as a N.D. in Ohio where his three year old son was living.

A year later, he met a marketing expert who had experienced a similar transition in his life and was mentored by this guru for a period of two years.  Afterward, Ted began to develop marketing systems for friends, clients and employers.  This culminated in a $44 million new steam of revenue with over 6000% ROI for a global 50 corporation.

Somewhere in this journey, Ted realized he could have a greater affect on the world by helping others market themselves rather than he himself marketing only himself.

Today, Ted Leithart and The Leithart Group, LLC work with small and medium sized businesses which desire to leverage the business they have built to experience exponential growth in income and profits (without the attached overhead that comes from growing linearly).  As you have read elsewhere, he has done this for hundreds of businesses since 1994.

Mr. Leithart runs his life as he does his business, based on Faith, Hope and Love when working with clients, wrenching on a car, or helping one of his sons with a research paper.
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Mr. Leithart possesses a MBA from Xavier University.  He is also authored How to Outmaneuver, Outsmart and Outwit Your competition within 60 Seconds and 89 Referral Systems to Bring in the Cash NOW!