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My name is Ted Leithart.  I am a specialist in engineering new profit centers and income streams for companies around the world.


You may be wondering what Ted Leithart is all about and why you should consider paying attention to me.   I have been blessed with these insights as I was trained by two of the world’s foremost acknowledged business growth strategists. They mentored me on their proprietary methods and approaches. Using these, I have created an opportunity I don’t think your business recognizes.

For example, I engineered a $44 million revenue stream (with a 25% margin) for a Global 50 company. It took all of $675,000 to implement.  That’s a 6500% ROI.

Fastest-Way-To-Make-Money-1024x768For your business, the dollar figures may not be applicable, but a large ROI and strategy which is easily implemented into your business IS APPLICABLE. In fact, it may be worth a meaningful windfall to your company in the five to six figures within several weeks.

An efficient way to determine the additional streams of income and profits for your business is to complete my Sales and Marketing Audit  I will review this for you and quantify the value of these additional streams of income for your business, including why the probability of the financial payoff I’m projecting is quite realistic and conservative.


After I complete my analysis, I will report my findings to you and you can determine whether partner to implement these strategies. Personally, I think it is something you will be very eager to pursue – once I lay it out for you in its entirety.

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In conclusion, I can’t promise anything close to the aforementioned $44 million revenue stream for you, but I would think that given its successful lineage and heritage, it is something you would at least benefit from talking through with me.

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Ted Leithart

P.S. One more thing – it’s probably significant. When we talk, I will provide you with total details with the rational, with the formula of projection I used and the assumptions and complete details to make your own well-reasoned decision of whether you want to go forward or not.

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