I’ll Find $10,000 (or More) of ADDITIONAL Revenue Hidden in Your Business in 45 Minutes

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Dear Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner,

Hi.  My name is Ted Leithart and I am a lead generation specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In other words, I teach local small business owners like you some simple yet easy to implement strategies you could use to double your revenue overnight.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on a new service which will be offered to small business owners nationwide where I come into their business and find a MINIMUM of $10,000 in additional revenue in 45 minutes or less.

I plan to charge the businesses I work with $2,000 for this service, and for that price I will GUARANTEE them in writing a 500% return on their investment.  Which brings me to the reason I’m for relaying this…and why I need your help. I need several case studies to document that I can generate $10,000 for ANY small business I work with, and I need professions such as yours to document this 45 minute turn-around.

Would you be open to meet with me for 45 minutes one day this next week and let me find you $10,000 (or more) in additional revenue?

I won’t charge you a cent to do this, but you will have to give your permission to highlight your company and use your results as a case study in my marketing, and if you like the results I get for you, perhaps provide me with a testimonial as well.

Would you be interested?

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P.S. A great team can only function when they work together.  To understand Ted’s philosophy and to determine whether we’d be a successful team, please watch this video… Everything You Have Ever Been Taught About Marketing is WRONG

P.P.S.  Complete Your Ten Minute Business Evaluation PRIOR to meeting with Ted so you can start generating additional income the moment you begin talking (and Ted won’t have to spend this time doing fact-finding)  Business Evaluation 10 minute version

P.P.P.S.  To schedule a 45 minute business turn-around with Ted, please click this link





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