Make it obvious to your prospects they would be an idiot to do business with anyone else

Hi.  My name is Ted Leithart and I am a Marketing Strategist.  I helpMe reverse small and medium sized business generate more leads and attract new clients by implementing a simple and quick 5 step profit formula that helps them to double their profits while simultaneously building their business to a million dollars or more in total revenue.

The reason you haven’t achieve this on your own is simple – 
Everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong. Everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done — it’s all wrong.

What I want to do in this short presentation is teach you a system for marketing your business… to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you… at anytime, anywhere or at any price.

For example, let’s say you’re a chiropractor and you’ve just spent Chiropractic-Care1more than $10,000 on radio advertising. You spent an entire weekend with an audio crew in your office interviewing your staff, explaining your facility… and getting the entire production just right for prime time over the airwaves. And after all that work, effort and expense…  you ran the ads for several weeks…  your phone only rang 15 times… and those ads resulted in producing just one single patient at $1,900. How would you feel after investing $10,000 and winding up with a net loss of $8,100 you will never get back… not to mention all the time, effort and energy you wasted? But let me ask you this.

What if you could take just $1300 of that marketing budget and — just by changing what your radio ad says… instead of getting just 15 calls resulting in only one sale… you could generate 137 calls…  close Fastest-Way-To-Make-Money-1024x76837 of those calls into brand new paying patients…  each worth an average of $2500… and you pocket a cool $92,500 for your trouble? That’s what’s called getting more results… making more money… for the same time, the same money… and the same effort spent.

What if we could systematically do this for you?

Let me show you how to leverage what you’re already doing… and how you too can get those exact same results for your business… just by changing the way you do all of your marketing and advertising.  And I’m not talking about radical changes. Just simple, common sense changes that enable you to exponentially leverage your marketing’s results. That $10,000 marketing budget the chiropractor was spending remained the same whether they were getting 15 calls or 137 calls.  And I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how you can accomplish these same results with your marketing… and in the process, dominate your entire industry.

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