Find $10,000 (or More) Hidden in Your Business in 50 Minutes

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My name is Ted Leithart and I’m asking if you’d help with a research project. I’m doing research for my book based on my ability to perform a 50 minute business makeover.

The premise is I can find any small business a minimum of $10,000 in less than 50 minutes… without spending a dollar on advertising or marketing. I plan to charge $2,000 for this service, and back that up with a written guarantee of a 10 X Return on investment for the businesses that apply and that I hand pick.

My book will detail the process I use to find each business that money, and I plan to use the book to launch my marketing program nationwide. I would like to complete a case study on YOUR business as  I desire to demonstrate this service works for virtually every business – and by doing so, I establish credibility and legitimacy of the program.

I wanted to ask if you would permit me to find you $10,000 in 50 minutes, and I won’t charge you a cent to do it. All I do ask is you give me written permission to use your results as a case study in my book, and if you like the results I get for you, perhaps provide me with a testimonial as well.

Is this something you would consider helping me with?

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P.S. A great team can only function when they work together.  To understand Ted’s philosophy and to determine whether we’d be a successful team, please watch this video… Everything You Have Ever Been Taught About Marketing is WRONG

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