When Your Business Positively, Absolutely Needs More Profits

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Dear Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner,


There’s a number of professionals offering to increase your business, possibly promising to double or triple your business.

For instance, one “guru” promises to double your business for free!  Here’s the solution: Double your employees, Double your overhead and Double your marketing costs.  And voila, you’ve doubled your business, virtually overnight.

That’s not what you want, is it?  You want to improve your margins, resulting in leveraging your business better than you have to this point.

So, here’s my promise.  I’ll provide you with a questionnaire that won’t take over 20 minutes to complete. Next, we’ll schedule a time to create a plan that will take only days to weeks to begin to see results.

I don’t charge for this and there is no catch. Simply, if you enjoy our time together and you receive value from it, you will be offered the opportunity where we can work together long term.

If you feel I’ve wasted your time, I’ll provide you with a check for $895. Either way, you will come out ahead.

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